About Panama Rocks

Panama Rocks is the #1 Ranked Trail in New York State (Inspirock) and the #1 Rated Attraction in Chautauqua County (TripAdvisor)!

Come explore an enchanting world of towering rocks, deep crevices and passageways, cool, cavernous dens, and small caves! The rock formations are a unique outcrop of 300 million-year-old quartz conglomerate sedimentary rock that extend about half a mile and reach upwards of 60 feet tall. Grotesque roots snake down the rocks and delicate ferns, mosses, and lichens add to Panama Rock’s unique, jungle-like charm. The forest at Panama Rocks is recognized and included in The Sierra Club’s Guide to the Ancient Forests of the Northeast and is home to 800+-year-old hemlocks, and other species of venerable trees, including ash, beech, black cherry, elm, red maple, and sugar maple.

What's the trail like? The main trail at Panama Rocks is a one-mile loop around a half-mile ridge of rock formations and guests are welcome to explore off-trail at their own risk. If you can walk one mile on uneven ground you should be able to explore Panama Rocks!

Where is it? Panama Rocks is in Chautauqua County (TripAdvisor's #1 rated attraction there!) just 15 minutes from Chautauqua Lake, 45 minutes from Erie, and 90 minutes from Buffalo.

When is it open/how much does it cost?: Panama Rocks has been in operation and funded ENTIRELY by its guests since 1885 (thank you for your support)!